What does Canada Day mean to you? Why is it important to celebrate our country?

Canada Day is not just a celebration of the birth of a nation. It’s an opportunity to take time to recognize our freedom to live, think and love how we choose. It’s a time to celebrate with those who have been here for generations and those that have come to start a new life.

To give some historical context, July 1st is a significant date in Canadian history for a few reasons. In addition to independence from the United Kingdom, Canada Day also marks a number of breakthroughs and significant events. The first national radio hookup was initiated by the Canadian National Railway on July 1, 1927. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) held its first cross-country broadcast on Canada Day in 1958. The first colour television transmission in Canada was broadcast on July 1st of 1966. In 1967, the Order of Canada was inaugurated. And in 1980, “O Canada” was also named our official national anthem.

When we celebrate Canada Day, we are celebrating everything our country has accomplished, and the freedom we enjoy. Canada Day reminds us of the history of the land, of our connections to the British, French, the Native Americans and to the diverse cultures that make up our landscape. We celebrate to show our love of this country and our love of the people we share it with.

CSG is proud to be a Canadian company. And on this day, we celebrate this great nation with you.