Ready For The New Era of Online Marketing?

Your company has a website. It looks reads well...people say nice things about it...but is it enough? Whether yours is a home building company or a retail business....if you want to maximize your success, you need to learn how to successfully market your message online.

According to 
All Business editors, “just having a website isn’t nearly enough anymore”.  In today’s world, customers use various forms of social platforms that interact together.  Here are 10 tips for improving your website’s visibility and exposure, generating more online traffic, and increasing sales.

10 Key Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Business Online

1. Optimize Your Site’s Copy for Search Engines

Search engine optimization has become an industry unto itself in the past few years. The idea is to present your website’s copy in such a way that your site will appear high on the results pages of the major search engines (like Google and Bing) when users perform specific keyword searches.

2. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click is often lumped with SEO as a website traffic-building tool, but they’re actually very different. With PPC, you purchase specific keywords and keyword phrases from a search engine on a pay-per-click basis. Then, whenever someone clicks on the link in your ad, you pay a negotiated fee (known as the cost per click, or CPC) to the search engine.

3. Publish an E-Newsletter

Electronic newsletters are one of the best ways to drive qualified traffic to your website. When done correctly, they enable you to reach customers and prospects on a consistent basis and direct them to your website for more detailed information about your company, products, and services.

4. Utilize A Blog

Blogging is another way to drive qualified traffic to your website and boost your site’s ranking in the search engines. Blogs can be used to add more keyword phrase pages to your website, since the search engines view blog posts the same way they do other web pages.

5. Use Link Exchanges

Another factor search engine analytics consider in determining search result rankings is the number of links coming into and out of your website, known as inbound and outbound links. This makes link building a potentially effective tool for driving traffic to your website.

6. Participate in Social Media

While many social media platforms started off primarily for personal online socializing, businesses quickly got into the act and are using social media to drive traffic to their websites. Having a coordinated social media and website traffic-building strategy for your business can bring in new customers that were otherwise unaccessible.

7. Promote Your Website Offline, Too

One of the most common and easily correctable mistakes businesses make when it comes to marketing their websites is not promoting their sites in their offline marketing materials. Make sure your Web address is printed on everything: letterhead, business cards, brochures, newsletters, magazine ads, etc. 

8. Make Sure Your Site Looks and Reads Professionally

The preponderance of sites on the Internet makes it vital that your site be professional in how it looks and reads. Amateur-looking and poorly written websites stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. You may save some money upfront but in the long run lose to competing sites that present better.

9. Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly and Easily

Another common website mistake many businesses make is building fancy sites that have lots of bells and whistles but take a long time to load for most users. Research shows that the typical Internet user will wait no longer than two to four seconds for a website to load before giving up and moving on to another site.

10. Generate Positive Customer Reviews

Customers look at reviews. Keep an eye on postings and online review sites to see what your customers are saying about you. If there are criticisms, you can post a response quickly, telling your side of the story.

A comprehensive online marketing strategy is the key to promoting your company’s message.  For more details about how you can diversify your online marketing plan, contact CSG HERE. 

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(Credit For 10 Steps By AllBusiness Editors)

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