The road to your show home is paved with great content. I’ve emphasized the value of a website as the primary source for information about your company. But even a website can’t be the only weapon in an online arsenal. A robust web presence affirms your expertise and social media is a key element in your digital content strategy.


The fastest way to increase website traffic is through a blog. Blogs are an informal news feed and/or discussion board on your website.  As of 2014, websites with an active blog received 55% more traffic than those without. An optimized blog will also improve search engine page rank because of its key-word rich content and frequent updates.


It’s hard to ignore the Facebook effect. Even if you don’t respect Facebook or have a personal profile, nearly 15 million other Canadians do. Like a blog, a Facebook page should be updated consistently and with interactive content that promotes your expertise and engagement in a particular field.

Other Platforms:

It seems like every day a new social platform emerges. Deciding the type of sites to include in your online content strategy is entirely dependent on your audience. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Houzz, YouTube, Twitter and others all have merit. However, if you intend on using any of these sites, be sure you understand their nuances well.

What Should I Post?

Like website content, social media must be engaging, unique and demonstrate your expertise. There are two types of content – curated and original. Original content often engages more users because it’s unique and personal in nature. However, curated content can also be effective when you come across an article, photo or news story that is related to your industry. Be careful, though. Too much curated content makes you appear lazy and unoriginal.

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