January 21, 2015


Jimmy Diffee
Troy Reierson

It took businesses 30 years to adapt to the Internet and only six years to transition to mobile devices. Luke Wroblewski coined a term called the Mobile Moment, which is when mobile traffic to your website exceeds desktop traffic. Facebook reached it in 2011, Amazon in 2013, YouTube in 2014 and in 2015, it’s your turn. Are you ready? Here are a few things you need to know.

How Prospects Find You:

Of all your show home visitors, 90% went to your website at least once before making the trip. But if your website is anywhere near the mobile moment, but isn’t functioning efficiently, then you will likely miss out on a significant portion of prospects to your model homes.

Responsive Design:

Your website MUST be adaptable to various screen dimensions and Internet platforms. As of 2014, 71% of website visitors leave if it takes more than five seconds to load the landing page. And 61% leave just as fast if it doesn’t have responsive design. What does this mean? Get responsive and make sure it works.

You Have To Ask:

If you’re unsure where buyers are finding you online, ask them. Feedback from prospects is vital to increasing website traffic by developing a targeted message and mobile strategy. Organic searches on Google, social media pages, online ads and sponsored ads on local media provide buyers various avenues to your site. And if your sales managers can track a visitor’s first point of contact, you can allocate your advertising resources better.

The future is mobile and you must be ready. For more on how to integrate mobile into your marketing strategy, register for our special breakfast on February 6. Space is limited so sign up now at WWW.CSG.CA. 


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