January 21, 2015


Kristi Allen
Meredith Oliver

Educate – it’s a 2015 buzzword

Your website should fill your show homes with prospects, so fill your website with meaningful content. A new home is likely the biggest purchase most people will ever make. They need to feel like they are buying from an industry leader. And the best place to demonstrate industry expertise is your website.

“Content doesn’t just help your SEO, it IS your SEO.”

Organic website traffic is any non-solicited or unpaid visitation. Internet users type keywords into a search engine, like Google, and the most applicable results appear. The order in which these results are ranked is based on topical relevance and is NOT random. Generating unpaid website traffic begins with the content you choose to put on your website, and how often it’s updated.

The first three search results that appear on Google receive over 60% of all clicks.

What Kind Of Content Ranks Well?

The answer boils down to this - how well do you know the audience? All buyers have questions and the company that answers them best wins more business. In 2014, two-thirds of all prospects said good content is a leading reason for buying, and half of the prospects said they would buy from the company with expert content. Your website should be updated constantly with new information that educates buyers and makes you the expert.

Where Do We Start?

Set goals. Content generation and management are vital to your organic traffic. However, the process is extremely time consuming. So you must create a list of objectives and a plan to execute each one. For example, having a FAQ section is a great way to reach out by addressing major concerns that arise during the buying process. Your show home and online sales managers are at the front line with customers and likely have list of FAQ’s you can tackle.

There's More!

In 2015, content management will separate you from the pack. Your website is one of many contact points with buyers and managing what you post is paramount. But those who really get a leg up on the rest will integrate other forms of online content, including social media, paid advertising and unique online promotions. To learn how all these pieces fit together to create the perfect marketing strategy, register for our special information breakfast on February 6. Space is limited so visit WWW.CSG.CA now to sign up.

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